Labs & Facilities

Labs and Facilities

The Andino Group is housed in the Engineering Center on the Tempe campus of ASU. The major analytical instruments/systems available to the group are:

  • a gas chromatograph with a flame ionization detector
  • two gas chromatographs with mass spectral detectors
  • a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer
  • a scanning mobility particle sizer
  • a vibrating orifice aerosol generator
  • two glass optical cells of varying sizes
  • a collapsible bag chamber system (with multiple Teflon or Tedlar chambers)
  • two flow reactor systems of varying sizes
  • ozone analyzers
  • NOx analyzers
  • Zero air generators

These instruments, combined with standard laboratory items (flow meters, calibration devices, etc) and numerous computer systems are available to students that are actively conducting research within the Andino group. Full training is provided to students on the proper use of instruments.